BADIR 'White Belt' - Data Educated Certification

This certification includes: Think with Data, Act with Data and Lead with Insights

Data Literacy is no longer an option it is a necessity skill to survive and prosper:

With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), more and more data is being generated and it is likely to continue. Cisco, the US-based networking hardware company, predicts that IoT will generate about 500 zettabytes of data by the end of 2019. One zettabyte is equal to 1 trillion gigabytes of data, that's BIG, isn't it? This is going to rise exponentially.

What is ACDL?

The Aryng Certified Data Literate (ACDL) designation is the industry standard trusted by corporations and individuals who have experienced the value that comes from a proven process, highly effective learning, and expert mentoring.

Who should be ACDL Certified?

The world of business professionals has a wide variety of titles and definitions. Experience shows that those reaping the greatest benefit from certification are professionals in functions such as:

  • Marketing, Products, and Operations
  • Sales, Finance, Client Success, Customer Support, and Management
  • Leaders and Executives who are dipping their toe in Data Science

ACDL Certification Program at a glance:

  • Analytics aptitude assessment to pre-check eligibility and acceptance into the program.
  • 6 hours of high-quality job-ready course content
  • 6 knowledge checks to validate comprehension
  • 3 individual checkpoints with instructor at the program start, midpoint, and end to assess competency in 14 technical and non-technical categories and create a continuous learning plan
  • 1 practice industry capstone case simulation
  • 24/7 unlimited community support via Facebook class group
  • 8.5 contact hours/PDUs
  • 365 days of access to high-quality and self-paced continuous learning content taught by Aryng’s Data Science experts

Course Content:

  1. Introduction to the Analytics landscape
    • Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Science, A/B Testing
    • Analytics, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Deep Learning, and AI
  2. Overview of BADIR Analysis Framework using a client case
    • Business Problem: How to identify the real business problem behind the business ask
    • Analysis Plan: Structure analytics using Hypothesis-driven approach
    • Derive Insights/ Impact: How to derive insights from data for Portfolio Dynamics, Campaign Analysis, Product Launch, Business Case, Trend Analysis, Driver Analysis, and pre-post Test-control
    • Recommendation: Communication/Influencing the stakeholders
  3. Tools and Data Interpretation
    • Introduction to broad categories of tools – Data storage and processing, Reporting, Analytics
    • Overview of commonly used statistical/analytical techniques: Correlation Analysis, Trend analysis, Sizing/Estimation, and Aggregate Analysis
    • Statistics 101: Aggregate Analysis – Averages, Standard Deviation, Error, Z-score, Statistical Significance, and Correlation Analysis
    • Which charts to use to represent what kind of information
    • Analysis using Excel: Functions, Pivot table, charting, dynamic refresh, formatting
    • Introduction to other business Analytics tools – Power BI and Tableau
  4. Metrics/ Dashboard
    • Learn a framework to arrive at the top 20 metrics to manage your business.
  5. Capstone case simulation
    • Apply what you have learned to a capstone client case to show your new data literacy skills

Your Instructor

Piyanka Jain
Piyanka Jain

Author of the Amazon bestseller Behind Every Good Decision

Piyanka Jain is the President and CEO of Aryng, an analytics consulting company focused on analytics training, consulting and recruiting. Her client list includes companies like Google, Box, Here, Applied Materials, Abbott Labs, and GE. As a highly regarded industry thought leader in analytics, she writes for Forbes, Harvard Business Review, InsideHR, and other publications. She has been a featured speaker at American Marketing Association conferences, Microsoft Modern Workplace, Predictive Analytics World, Growth Hacker TV, GigaOm, Google Analytics User Conference and more. In 15+ years as an analytics leader, she has had a $200M+ demonstrated impact on business. A gifted problem solver, she seeks out patterns and insights to drive change in her clients' organizations and impact top levers of business. She considers customer satisfaction, empowerment and positive engagement as the highest rewards, and dollar impact as a natural consequence. Her best seller book ‘Behind Every Good Decision’ is an actionable guide for business managers on data-driven decision-making through business analytics.

She has two master’s degrees with theses involving applied mathematics and statistics. A hiker, runner, and yogi, she lives in Sunnyvale, California.

Course Curriculum

  Introduction to Analytics Landscape
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  Overview of BADIR Framework
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Metrics and Dashboards
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Capstone Case
Available in days
days after you enroll

Courses Included with Purchase

Think with Data
Data Literacy 101 | Think - Act - Lead Series
Piyanka Jain
Act with Data
Data Literacy 102 | Think - Act - Lead Series
Piyanka Jain
Lead with Insights (Teachable version)
Data Literacy 103 | Think - Act - Lead Series
Piyanka Jain
Data Educated Certification Exam
Piyanka Jain

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