Welcome to the course

Welcome to the Lead With Insights course! This is the third course on the path to becoming a Citizen Analyst.

Are you fluent in thinking and acting with data and want to lead your
cross-functional team with those Insights? Do you want to understand
which projects to prioritize/vs not to drive the largest impact? Are you
ready to leverage Predictive Analytics and Test-and-Learn along with
Business Analytics to make better decisions? If so, 'Lead with Insights' will
provide you with the necessary tools in your toolbox.

In this course you will:

  1. Learn how to create an analytics plan and prioritize your KPIs.
  2. Understand when A/B testing and Predictive Analytics are used.
  3. Drive data-driven decisions within your team and business unit.
  4. Convert your critical stakeholders into powerful supporters.

This course takes approximately 4 hours. Examples, a case study, activities, and quizzes that will reinforce learning.

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